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Electronic Data via the Internet

Electronic Data Delivery

In the machinery business (or any business for that matter), the most difficult thing to deal with is archiving and supply of technical documentation for customers. The old way involved storing hardcopy paper documentation in files, and using that for a reference whenever the customer required technical service and parts information. With the advent of faster computers with larger storage capabilities, the Internet transformed the delivery of technical documentation into an immediate service.

The Machinery Industry is Far Behind-But Wait No More

You demand immediate information from the computer and software industry. Isn't it about time that the industrial machinery business joins the party? The machinery business is stuck in the 19th century with archaic methods of doing business and delivering information. Getting them into the 21st century will be a real trick.

You don't have to wait any longer, because with ACFM.COM we'll deliver it before you have to ask. No longer are you required to depend upon the time of day, day of the week, or human intervention, or snail mail to obtain the information you need to help you troubleshoot and fix your machinery. GO TO THE MANUALS SECTION OF OUR WEBSITE AND YOU CAN OBTAIN THE MANUALS YOU NEED NOW.

ACFM.COM is leading the machinery industry by delivery of technical documentation via the Internet If you need technical operation manuals, or parts manuals for the equipment we sell, you can now have them DELIVERED ELECTRONICALLY 24 HOURS PER DAY, 7 DAYS PER WEEK. We are constantly adding information and products to this system.

If you buy equipment from our company, your manuals will be available on the Internet within 7 days of purchase. If you have older equipment and would like to have them available electronically, please contact us and we will have them posted for you. We are loading the most popular manuals and data now, and will be continuing to add more in the coming months.

We've spent close to a year developing the technical specifications and performance criteria for our document delivery system, and it works. If you are a large company who uses vast amounts of industrial machinery, and you need this type of document availability, please feel free to e-mail us at sales@acfm.com. We can work with you to give your employees the information they need when they need it-around the world and around the clock. This technical documentation availability may assist you in complying with strict USA OSHA or WORKER SAFETY laws of other countries.

You may wonder what's next for the machinery industry. Well everyone else is standing around too, including those IN the industry. Better bookmark the "What's New" section of our homepage, because we've got a few tricks (products) up our sleeve that will be introduced in the next 6 months and take our industry by surprise.

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General Services

    Wherever you do business in the world, from Alaska to Antarctica, you learn quickly that there are no routine jobs. Every project provides a new challenge. And every challenge pushes the boundaries of your abilities to a higher level.

    At ACFM.COM and Waukesha Alaska Corporation we have been meeting the challenge for over 27 years. We have designed and installed generator sets to power oil fields and villages in the world's harshest arctic environments. We have built and maintained the electrical systems for many Alaskan cities and villages, and solved businesses' most difficult pump, air compressor, gas compression, and process problems.

    We do what it takes to get the job done. Around here, nature doesn't go by the rules, so we can't afford to, either.

    Generators generate. Pumps pump. Compressors compress. What else do you need to know? Plenty. There are big performance variances between different brands and models of equipment. The brands that Waukesha Alaska sells and services are the most respected in the industry and around the world. Atlas Copco air compressors, SDMO diesel and natural gas generator sets, Hatz Aircooled Diesel Engines, Isuzu Watercooled Diesel Engines, and Deutz Aircooled Diesel Engines. Kato, Marathon, and Generac generators. Murphy gauges. Just to name a few. Every one of these brands is a proven performer. And our factory-trained service technicians can keep them performing for years to come. Anyone can sell you and engine or pump. Some companies can even service them after they make the sale. But you deserve more. You should know you're getting exactly what you need. That's where we come in. Waukesha Alaska is more than just a seller of off-the-shelf equipment. Sometimes, manufacturers just don't make what you need. In those cases, we customize equipment to suit your needs. We even design and build from the ground up. We also provide rental and equipment lease options.

    Either way, we'll find the best, most cost-effective answer for your specific situation. We'll design it. We'll construct it. Install it. And service it. So all you have to do is turn it on and let it run. We can handle the really big jobs. We've designed and built all kinds of equipment for mines, oil fields, and cities. We've had to make them work in places where it gets below -70 Fahrenheit, like Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. And we've taken them to the opposite extreme, hot, humid places like the Philippines or Saudi Arabia. But sometimes, the small jobs are even tougher than the big ones. Especially if it has to be small. Then we have to scale down everything; except the quality. After all, quality is how we built our reputation. And it's how we'll build your equipment. No matter what size. Top-quality equipment. Well-trained people. Global experience from Alaska, to the Philippines, to Eastern Europe, to the rigors of Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War. We've got what it takes for your next project. Whether you need us to design and build a new unit, upgrade your current system, or simply do continuous maintenance on your existing equipment, we're ready. Let us put our resources to work for you.

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    The following personnel are employed by our company. These people have years of technical experience in the machinery field and are available to put it to work for you.


      • Roger R. Haxby-President
      • John E. Haxby-Vice President & General Manager
      • Chuck van Ormer-Sales Manager
      • John D. Pavia-Engineering Manager
      • Karl Skomp-Service Manager
      • Bill Sundquist-Parts Manager

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    Corporate Mission

Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide high quality reliable products, services, and support to industry.

Our Commitment to Industry

        • We strive to create long-term relationships with our customers, and to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.
        • We will continuously improve our products and services to industry through innovation, design, and engineering.
      • We strive for technical excellence by innovation and research.
      • We are dedicated to the quality of our personnel through training and teamwork.


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    Parts & Service

Parts Department

    Our parts department carries a large complement of spare parts for all of the different types of equipment that we service and sell. Our personnel are here to assist you with all of your parts needs. We recognize that a 25 cent part can keep a $100,000 machine out of service, so fast and accurate parts delivery is key.

    Our parts department consists of highly trained individuals competent in quickly locating replacement parts for all types of rotating equipment. If we do not have it in stock, chances are that it can be delivered overnight. Our goal is to get the right part into your hands, the first time every time. We pride ourselves on our fast and efficient service. Whether you need parts for a 7042 cubic inch gas engine, or a 5 HP gasoline engine driven pressure washer, or any type of compressor, we can and will help you.

Service Department

    Highly trained service technicians are available to troubleshoot and fix your machinery either in house or in the field. These technicians are well versed in troubleshooting all types of diesel or natural gas engine equipment, engine powered generators, air compressors and air dryers, to forklifts.

    The goal of our factory trained technicians is to fix your machinery right, the first time. And for additional backup, our office engineers assist field technicians with difficult problems.

Field or Office Service Engineers

    If you have a difficult problem that you just cannot find the solution for, call our office and discuss it with our engineers. These engineers have tens of thousands of hours of experience troubleshooting rotating and process equipment problems.

    When you call, a determination can be made as to whether the problem can be fixed over the phone with your personnel making the repairs, or whether you need to have an engineer visit your site and review the problem. Either way, the technical expertise you need is just a phone call away.

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